Proxysmart: build 4G proxies

Create your own mobile residential proxy farm with multiple 4G USB modems. It is going to be your own 4G proxy farm.

You own and run the hardware – I support you!

4G LTE Mobile Proxies consist of a server box (it can be a Raspberry Pi or a Mini PC or a laptop), a USB hub, and several 4G modems, where each modem is attached to its dedicated proxy address. The proxies can be rented and used either from the Internet or from the same LAN where the server box will be placed.

The software is a command-line-based BASH script with a WebApp (see the screenshots).

Full description (README.pdf or README.html) of the software is available.

Brief description of the setup:

  • IP resets on modems (by a button or a public link)
  • WebApp for checking status of each modem
  • WEB\CLI API for actions like querying status, IP rotation, getting used bandwidth for the day\month, running speedtests
  • exposing proxy ports, so they are available from world wide & ready for leasing out.
  • reading\sending SMS (texts) and USSD
  • Socks5 with UDP (for HTTP/3 and QUIC).
  • Mobile OpenVPN (together with proxies)
  • OS spoofing, to simulate TCP fingerprints of: MacOS \ iOS \ Windows \ Android (or any other OS).
  • custom MTU\TTL per modem
  • proxy ACLs (what to allow/deny to proxy users)
  • bandwidth throttling
  • bandwidth quota
  • extra users for each proxy

How to make 4G proxies?


New price starting from October 2023 – hurry up to buy in September. Old customers will prolong their licenses with the old price, 1 time.

Demo, FREE
  • 1 server with 1 modem
  • 1-week support
  • License for 6 months
Lite, USD 59
  • 1 server with 10 modems
  • 1-week support
  • License for 6 months
Medium, USD 129
  • 2 servers with 20 modems on each
  • 2-week support
  • License for 1 year
Pro, USD 149
  • 3 servers with 20 modems on each
  • 3-week support
  • License for 2 years

All plans include help with deployment & documentation.


a modem $5

a server for $40

Web App demonstration

  • Main Page

Description of the 4G proxies setup

After we build your own 4g proxy farm, you would be able to:

  • Resell proxies
  • surf the Internet through proxies, either from your LAN or (when the VPS is used) from the Internet
  • visit each modem’s WEB GUI through its corresponding proxy
  • add new modems
  • rotate IP-s
  • simulate other OS with custom TCP fingerprints (p0f)

Customers Who Chose Proxysmart


Technical Support

When included period of support ends (depending on a plan), I will support you only when I have free time. More priority support
$80 per month. It includes 3 hours.


  • Visa / Mastercard
  • KoronaPay
  • YooMoney