Proxysmart: Roadmap

If you need a new feature – contact me!

  • del crappy addresses from ip -6 ro
  • speedtest – if default IMG fails, use own IMG+rendering.
  • speedtest fonts for own IMG
  • Documentation: haproxy integration
  • Documentation: VPN os spoofing
  • Documentation: Dirty ip reset (w/o aftercheks)
  • top domains stats
  • vpn: traffic counting – by assigning static CCD IP for newly generated clients
  • minimum time between IP resets
  • os spoofing for individual dongles
  • SMS: delete all SMS
  • Web: editable field for Pho.Number.
  • detect when CellOp redirects to their Billing Page
  • a function for re-add DEV,.. or even apply settings accepts DEV name?
  • Openvpn TODO: openvpn creds+dest_IMEI read from mongodb? need that helper… make Mongodb vpn collection?
  • conf.txt readinc
  • UDEV plug-n-play (hook scripts)