Proxysmart v2

It’s designed especially for selling Shared proxies.


  • A Modem is a device that connects to a mobile carrier
  • A Port is a proxy (SOCKS5 + HTTP) built on a modem
  • Create multiple Ports on a Modem
  • Each Port has its own settings

These settings are now assigned per Port:

  • expiry time
  • bandwith quota amount & bandwidth reports
  • bandwidth quota type: daily/monthly/lifetime
  • an Openvpn profile (with the Port’s expiry time & quota)
  • ipv6 vs ipv4 preference order
  • speed limits & throttling
  • OS TCP spoofing

Other features:

  • moving Ports between modems (within 1 physical server)
  • WebApp: copying proxy credentials to the clipboard

How to